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VUFOA is bigger and better than ever.

Meet the Team


Ben Hurle - President

Ben is a country boy from Bairnsdale and now represents VUFOA as our country correspondent and President. So if you live in Gippsland and you have a story to tell then contact Ben via the website. Ben joined VUFOA as investigator in December 2011 after a chance meeting with Andrew Arnold. His dedication and like minded passions saw him step up to the top job in 2013 when Andrew decided he was the right man for the job. Among Ben's many talents, he is also a cartoonist and some say a bit of a writer.

Andrew Arnold - Vice President

Andrew is the Founder of VUFOA and these days is Vice President. He created the "Not For Profit" (NFP) organisation with the soul purpose to offer Victorians a place they can seek their own truth in the field of Ufology. With the demise of VUFORS somewhere around 2007, 2008 it was obvious our great state was missing out on good international guest speakers and with no investigative organisation he set about providing such a group.

Petra Kovacs - Investigator

Lana Bazeley - Investigator

Joy Bok - Investigator

Tony Hadjion -Investigator

Tony joined VUFOA in May 2013, previously a member of the Victorian UFO Research Society and our resident expert of the Westall UFO case. Tony worked as a photographer after studying Photography at R.M.I.T.

Mike Hodges - Aviation Specialist & Investigator

Mike is a very dedicated member of the team, in fact I would have to say I don't think he has ever missed a team meeting. His role is vital in providing Aviation information on various reported sightings, especially when aircraft are involved. He assists our core brains trust on difficult cases we encounter. He was a aircraft maintenance mechanic at Moorabbin Airport and was in fact the last mechanic to prepare VH-DSJ, the fateful Fred Valentich flight in 1978.

Mike graduated in 1992 with a bachelor of electrical engineering, majoring in computer control and communications. We value all that he offers the team and we are glad he decided to join us in May of 2012.

Pamela Hadjion - Investigator

Pamela joined our organisation in June of 2012 and has a keen interest in the unnatural and strange things in our world, she is always keen to "get to the bottom" of strange events. Every organisation needs a Pam as she helps across all levels of the group and we know how important that can be.

Ray Thomas - Physics Engineer & Inestigator TAS

Ray is like our resident go to guy to find out how something may operate., if we need to know how and why something is what it appears to be or how it works he is the man. Ray also works hard on the team blog page so check out the articles he has written there. Ray join our organisation in March 2012. 

Ray has had experience in electrical mechanics until 1984. Basic electrical knowledge in physics is still with Ray because he have been keeping up with basic electronics as a hobby.

Industrial design has been self-taught since 1987, and now he has so much experience that he can design and service his own equipment, he also has an understanding of other mechanical items. His clients in his volunteer work included many Government departments from hospitals, to schools and parents whom he designed this equipment for -

He began teaching himself about computers in the mid 1990's and is now a basic programmer by choice for fast-loading, efficient Web page design.

Ray also earned a land restoration and rehabilitation certificate in 1999. His knowledge in this area helps provide an understanding on landing cases.

Ray has good knowledge in relation to atom structure and the creation of light, he has studied the formation of the Universe over the years.

Ray has been involved with the prestigious TUFOIC organisation of Tasmania and is our eyes in the skies deep in the south.

He has been seriously interested in ufology since 1978, Ray extensively investigated night lights over Tasmania in December, 1978, just two months after Frederick Valentich went missing.

Thank you Mr Nice Guy, you rock sir.

George Simpson - Photographic & Investigations Advisor

Victorian Director for AUFORN - George has been in this role for a very long time. Previously he was on the committee of VUFORS as their photographic expert. George used to run his own UFO meetings on a regular basis but recently ceased this inat the end of 2014.

He is the direct contact back to AUFORN on reported cases involving Alien and UFO sightings. George offers his expertise to us as our Photographic Advisor, he also will be assisting The PIT team.

Ron White - Investigator

Ron joined the VUFOA team late in 2014 and is excited about what we can offer. Ron comes at a time of expansion in our organisation and will fill an important part of the process.

Suzanne Savage - Investigator / Westall Advisor

Sometimes we are so lucky to have such a special person join our group. Suzanne is such a person, you may ask why but if you follow ufology in Victoria then you would know about the documentary " Westall 66 -A Suburban Mystery". Well Suzanne was involved with this event. Suzanne joined us late in 2014 and will take up an important role of Data Collector within our group.