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Stephen Webb

UFO's Rebooted - By Stephen Webb

Why Rebooted.




Why Rebooted. Just like when your computer crashes or there's a conflict with the software or hardware the only way to resolve the problem is to Reboot the PC. I think the UFO subject needs the same approach. Time to take a step back, a deep breath and take a fresh look at the whole subject.


Once there was a time that the only way you could research this subject was to read a load of books, watch a lot of VHS tapes (remember them) which was put together by investigators or researches, so a least the information was contained and bottled within the writers or producers research or agenda. You could and a lots of us did, spend copious amounts of time doing your own research. Spending long nights lying horizontal looking up at the heavens hoping to catch a glimpse of something and saying out loud "Where are you". I still do!


Since then, the evolution of the most powerful disseminator of information or disinformation.......... the Internet, the UFO phenomenon has exploded with information overload. Now anybody with internet access with an opinion (and yes that includes me) can put their spin out to the whole world without the slightest validation of what they are saying. On top of that, YouTube had also given a platform for these wonderful people with CGI programs to spit out thousands of faked but very realistic videos so now nobody knows what's real anymore.


Backed up now by Facebook they have become the biggest disseminator of disinformation in Ufology history This causes me no end of frustration. I cringe when sus unsupported Video is put up as showing a UFO with a title like "Amazing footage of UFO" only to waste my time watching a fuzzy out of focus distant light that shows what could be anything, or a very well produced GGI show. Arrrrgh


This has so undermined Ufology that Skeptics and doubters are using this to enforce their agendas and discredit everything about the subject. Respected researcher, Leslie Kean is the author of the recent release "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record." who's book was very quickly attacked by James Oberg, ex NASA mission specialist and space analyst for NBC News, complaining that the book was based on a “questionable foundation.” So despite the amount of overwhelming evidence to be had, these Skeptics still have this denial attitude which always get picked up by the Mainstream media to "Balance" UFO reporting.


So what needs to happen?


Well in my opinion we need to take fresh common sense approach to this subject. This will cause immediate debate amongst the UFO community, because there's a lot of researches out there who believe that they are the definitive authority on this subject, but whist this subject is left to fester with no central control it will continued to be undermined. I'm not alone in wanting to "calm down" the whole UFO industry. A recent article written by James Carrion about this very subject is revealing that I'm not alone with this thinking.


Read Source: My next Blog I will put forward some parameters which I believe will help make a common sense approach to this subject. It's been a refreshing experience reading the forums on the VUFOA website. It's nice to know there are other people out there who also want to stop the spin and re-analyze this subject with objective opinion and wanting facts over speculation.

Stephen Webb

A New Definition For The Term UFO - By Stephen Webb 

The term UFO. It is all encompassing. It's attracting fools and idiots, and its the term a skeptical media uses in its reporting to undermines this subject. A clear separation from the mainstream terminology is required. The problem is that to lift the Benchmark in UFO reporting, we need to embrace a new way of communicating to the world that if you want to take a look at serious research and investigation then in your search box type in UAP...... not UFO I floated a couple of terms early in the piece in a forum contribution? ETV (Extraterrestrial Vehicle) or UAV (Unidentified Aerial Vehicle) But I have now reach a new consensus after researching this idea, because as I discovered I'm not alone in this.

Leslie Kean wrote: "An effective strategy involves establishing the fact that a UFO, by definition, is simply something unidentified (the acronym does not mean "alien spacecraft"); it helps to use the acronym UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) whenever possible. The agnostic position, the scientifically sound one, acknowledges the accumulated evidence of an extraordinary, physical phenomenon but recognizes that we don't yet know what it is". Also NARCAP (National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena) uses UAP with the following definition....

The term "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" or UAP is an attempt to address the fact that not all UAP are described as unidentified flying objects or UFO. Many are simply described as unusual lights. NARCAP feels the term "UAP" more accurately reflects the broad scope of descriptions in aviation reports as well as the possibility that these phenomena may arise from several different sources. So I'm happy to go with UAP as a general consensus for serious researches. All we have to do is re-educate the mainstream to this terminology, and we only use it under the following parameters.....

A film or sighting must exhibit and show the following characteristics?

"Be in Focus"

"Change directions"

"Stop or hover from a high speed velocity and in a continual sequence"

"Show or exhibit intelligent control."

"Original name person who took the footage"

"Location/Time/Date Sighting from Aircraft"

"Sightings of long duration, allowing for accurate voice transmissions and the refinement of the initial identification."

"Multiple witnesses"

"co-pilot, crew, passengers, other aircraft in different locations, and occasionally observers from the ground."

"On board radar and ground radar recording the presence of a physical object, often corresponding exactly to the visual sighting."

"Direct physical effects on the aircraft, such as equipment malfunction."

So when a doubting media asks what you mean by UAP, you can show them EVIDENCE that qualifies! Not out of focus, blurred film or lights in the sky that could be anything rubbish. Or wild witness claims the boarder on fanciful. Then they will take it seriously. Give them nothing to debunk with a smirk and the X Files music playing in the background. So all we have to do now if you agree is start using the term UAP to educate the people that matter and leave UFO for the mainstream consumption until they realize that if they want the real facts they will know where to look and go! So "UAP" rules...OK???? So I'll be interested in what you think

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