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The Signs of our Times

It's amazing how we can become rapped up reading an article we just can't put down. I have progressively read more about what's happening in our strange world more than ever before. I try to stay objective and although my gut tells me to keep an open mind to all things, it's difficult to ignore all the talk on what's coming our way. Lets get this clear, we all feel something big is about to happen to us and our world soon. It all seems to be centered around the next 12 to 18 months.

So what have I seen that is difficult to ignore? I'm not saying you have to believe doomsday is coming, god knows I wish I knew more so I could feel safer. Okay my gut feeling is yes, were in trouble, big trouble. Here are some known facts:

There is comet Elenin heading our way, it's going to be close to us and cross our orbit, comets can leave debris in their wake.

FEMA is currently in the process of a mass food storage program.


NASA directly appealed to all it's employees to arrange an emergency plan for their families.


NASA has announced large solar flare activity for end 2011 & 2012 The American government are currently building masses of underground buildings all over the country, it is said these in total will hold millions.


Barrack Obama has introduced Emergency Announcement System is to take effect very soon.


This is mandatory and has been technically been installed into every major radio & television station in the USA.


That's the facts, none of the above has been fabricated.


I urge everyone to take the time, do your own homework.


Here are some links to get you started.

Shocking news about future Earth changes

Donny Gilson interview on Elinen

Obama Launches Total Takeover of Media


So once you have done your best to get your head around all this information, then you can start to link this up with the increasing sightings of UFO's. Why does the US government flatly refuse to discuss or admit their presence. I believe it's all linked, Nibiru, Annunaki, 3400 years. Look at all the volcanic activity, earthquakes and strange weather worldwide.

Unusual deaths of thousands of animals, bird and sea life, does HAARP play a role in this or is it the shift in our axis, read about why airports had to readjust their gps locations for runways. What's going on that night falls 2 hours later in the Nordic countries and nobody knows why.

I dont know what our fate is only that I will be very happy if this all turns out to be just a mistake and somehow we have got it all wrong, I just doubt it, as Carol Rosin says, the last card, the last card, the last card is the alien threat.

I guess only time will tell and we haven't got long to wait

I encourage you to continue this discussion in our forum, there is much to learn and so little time to do it.